Flawless CodeIgniter Authentication

CIMembership is a CodeIgniter-PHP application that handles regular member login and registration with forms but also supports signing in with social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

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demo username: testadmin
demo password: testadmin2@


Being able to start from a working login and registration script is a great advantage. Not only does it save time and money but the code has been tested by many customers, meaning most bugs have been ironed out already.

Our existing platform will be used to build your new project and each installation has lifetime free updates of the core system, meaning CIMembership.

EXPLORE Services

Host Your CodeIgniter Project and Get Extra Support!
Managed CodeIgniter Hosting

A Reliable Hosting Provider

We do the hard work for you so that you can dedicate more time to your project and not on server management. We work with a highly reliable hosting company in the USA (Knownhost).

Personal Management and Support

You will be able to communicate directly with the developer of CIMembership and can always ask questions that are outside of the regular support that comes with the product when purchased from Codecanyon.

Server Hardening

Use older PHP versions safely with our Cloudlinux OS: run your project on secure servers with regular maintenance and backup intervals as well as Free SSL and an Nginx cPanel security plugin.

Cpanel Control Panel

The leading software for hosting configuration and maintenance administration and still the preferred choice for many seasoned developers. Comes with a Softaculous Auto Installer and Cloudflare.

Active Monitoring

We verify your websites on a daily basis and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Network activity is closely monitored and action is quickly taken where necessary.

Discord Channel Access

As a special service to our hosted members we offer an invite-only VIP discord channel where our customers can discuss with us and each other in private.