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Installation service

If you need us to install your default CIMembership application setup we charge 10$ per installation. If any issues arise on an unchanged installation these will be solved without extra cost. If for some reason the installation fails and can't complete (this hasn't happened yet) you will be refunded.

If you have issues when trying to install it yourself this is a support matter and will not be charged. We do need a proper description of the issue you have been experiencing and can solve quickly via Teamviewer.
Support is currently still done via either a message on the product board or via a personal message through my CodeCanyon profile.

Custom code

Hire me for your projects! When you need analysis and coding from scratch you are charged $29/hour. A personal Skype or Discord call is included with your purchase. In fact this is the preferred method of communication which doesn't mean we can't do everything via email should you wish so. Whether it is a simple project or a complex endeavour, together we can agree for a short or long-term agreement.

All payments will be done upfront to avoid abuse. Large projects will be split up in separate blocks and a correct monetary value will be attached to each one, meaning your project will be done in increments and only when the current work is done we move on to the next phase. This way you can throttle your costs and I don't have to worry about getting paid each time. The general idea is a win-win situation for both parties.

Contact us for more info or to book a meeting.